UNSW Medicine Health and Safety

For all health and safety policies, procedures, training and other information refer to the UNSW Health and Safety website. The information on this page is for Medicine-specific issues.

Staff and students at UNSW are represented through a 3-tiered health and safety committee structure. As a staff member your health and safety issues will be represented through your local area level 3 Health and Safety Consultation Committee or your unit manager. To find out who is your Health and Safety Representative, please contact your unit’s Manager, website, or health and safety committee chairperson. Should you have any health or safety concerns, you should raise this in the first instance with your supervisor or Health and Safety Representative.

All staff at UNSW are responsible for following health and safety policies, procedures and guidelines and ensuring that their conduct does not endanger others. To access these policies and procedures please go to UNSW Health & Safety. As part of this responsibility, all new staff are required to undertake mandatory training modules as listed under UNSW Training. New staff are automatically enrolled into this training and will receive an email notification within 2 weeks of starting with instructions on how to access the training. For more information on the training available, speak to your Health and Safety Representative.

Within your work area, there will be a nominated and trained Floor Warden and First Aid Officer. For information on who these staff are, contact your unit’s Manager or refer to the Emergency Management website. Should you wish to become a Floor Warden, First Aid officer or Health and Safety Representative, you should discuss this with your supervisor. Please note that specific training must be undertaken for all these positions.

Medicine Level 2 Health and Safety Committee

Chairperson: Jonathan Pheasant, Faculty Executive Director, UNSW Medicine
2021 dates: 9 February, 6 April, 8 June, 10 August, 12 October, 7 December
2020 dates: 11 February, 7 April, 9 June, 4 August, 13 October, 8 December

2021 Minutes

2020 Minutes

Health & Safety Contacts

Medicine schools and centres each have a Health and Safety Consultation Committee which meet (usually quarterly) to discuss, promote and resolve any health or safety matters in the local area. If you have any health or safety queries discuss this with your supervisor or contact your local Health and Safety Representative. The Health and Safety Consultation Committee Chairperson's are listed below, who can provide further information on your representation:

School/Centre/Institute Chairperson
School of Women’s and Children’s Health Steven Leach
School of Psychiatry Jane Clarke
School of Public Health and Community Medicine David Heslop
School of Medical Sciences Cristan Herbert
School of Optometry and Vision Science Dale Larden
Prince of Wales Clinical School Rema Oliver
St George and Sutherland Clinical School Shinoo Swapnil
South West Sydney Clinical School Lorinda Carter
Rural Clinical School Cathy Pinaca
Amanda Fletcher
The Kirby Institute Daren Draganic
National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre Lise Mellor

Some smaller centres do not have a committee, instead your supervisor or centre manager should be contacted to discuss any health or safety matter. 


See the Health & Safety website

Risk Management

SafeSys is used in Medicine to write and track all Risk Management Forms and Safe Work Procedures; please open SafeSys to access or create risk management documentation for Medicine. Refer to the UNSW Health and Safety website for full details.