UNSW Medicine: Building the Future of Health

Who do we dare to be?  Refreshing our priorities

As a Faculty, we are focused on improving health. We have the chance to think about our current strengths, explore new opportunities, engage with each other and dare to do things differently.

We want to clarify our ambitions, engage and discuss what our priorities might be. Asking questions like, “What are the specific things we will focus on to achieve our aspirations?” will help to form a strategic plan and define our faculty initiatives. Our key areas of focus are:

  • Excellence
  • Equity & Diversity
  • Innovation
  • Ambition
  • Impact

We have set out on a six-month journey to explore who we are and who we dare to be. The roadmap above shows the plans for this process. 

We are keen to involve everyone during this process as our many diverse perspectives will form a more rounded and evolved view of what is happening and where we want to be in the future.  

When is this happening?

Across the Faculty, we have an opportunity to engage in this process between October 2019 and April 2020 across four phases of Gather, Shape, Consult and Finalise. Various events are being planned to support discussion, idea generation and consultation over the next six months. Everyone is encouraged to participate when feasible.


Gather – October to December 2019

  • Local Roadshows: October and November

This is an opportunity for staff in Schools, Centres and Institutes to meet the new Dean of Medicine in a more intimate session. Staff will have the opportunity to discuss their vision for their area with Professor Perkovic as the Faculty begins the strategic planning process

  • UNSW Medicine / Medical Research Institute Joint Meeting: 15 November

This is an opportunity for staff in the Faculty and affiliated Medical Research Institutes to foster deeper engagement and collaboration across research

  • Schools and Centres Planning Day: 19 November

This full day planning session will allow the Executive and Senior Leaders from Schools and Centres in the Faculty to provide input to the vision, aspiration and activities in the strategic plan

This week-long event will be composed of small hands-on group creative sessions attended by representatives from all around the Faculty. The sessions will be clustered around core topics with a focus on iterative exploring, testing and stretching of ideas to generate high level input for the strategic plan. Contributions are welcomed by all whether in a face-to-face session, in the drop-in discussion and creative space or digitally through Yammer, Sli.do or our feedback website.

Find out more or express your interest in participating 

Shape – December 2019 to February 2020

  • Engage with key stakeholders to test, refine and build the roadmap

Consult – February to March 2020

  • Seek feedback on draft roadmap from Faculty and key stakeholders

Finalise – April 2020

  • Shape and launch the final roadmap

Further details on the Shape, Consult and Finalise phases will be shared closer to those times.

Who is leading the process?

The Dean has formed an interim leadership group who will engage throughout this process.

  • Professor Gary Velan – Senior Vice Dean Education
  • Professor Sean Emery – Senior Vice Dean Research & Operations
  • Professor John Watson – Senior Vice Dean Clinical Affairs
  • Professor Rebecca Ivers – Head, School of Public Health & Community Medicine
  • Jonathan Pheasant – Faculty Executive Director
  • Brooke Griffin – Executive Director, Precincts Business Unit

How can we engage in the process, give feedback and share ideas?

We encourage feedback, questions and your direct involvement. The leadership team are asking staff to think about the following questions as we engage in the process:

  • What are the top five upcoming changes in certain topics over the next 5-10+ years?
  • What disruptions might occur?
  • What strengths does UNSW have in relation to health?
  • Where should we leverage our strengths?
  • What opportunities do we see in the areas of research, education, student experience and partnerships?
  • What do we want to be known for? 
  • Who do we want to be?

We will keep you updated via the face to face events outlined above, email, the Medicine newsletter, Medicine’s Yammer group and via this website.  If you have any questions about being involved or our channels please email MedicineAnnounce@unsw.edu.au

Post feedback, ask a question, or find out answers to other questions on our feedback website.

Interactive Town Hall showcases interest in engagement across all levels of UNSW Medicine

In October, we came together as a Faculty to learn more about the new Dean of Medicine, Professor Vlado Perkovic. His vision for the Faculty is to improve health. 

Professor Perkovic shared his background and priorities, announcing that the interim leadership team will engage at all levels of the Faculty to establish our key ambitions and translate them into refreshed priorities that will build upon our current successes and position us strongly for the future.

He offered some draft aspirational statements about how UNSW Medicine will improve health in Australia, and globally.  These included:

  • Educating innovators and leaders in health to serve our communities​
  • Supporting and celebrating the personal and professional growth of our diverse students and staff throughout their lives​
  • Lead research that improves health, focusing on areas of greatest need​
  • Drive partnerships with health services and industry to enable better health for our communities​
  • Leading improvements in health policy and equity

The Dean polled the audience to see how they felt. Were the statements too ambitious or did they not go far enough?  The results varied across the room and prompted discussion via Sli.do.   

The event was well attended, both live and digitally.  This created a strong platform for questions a two-way dialogue. It was a fantastic starting point to engage the Faculty in the broader planning process occurring over the next six months

A recording of the Town Hall is available for anyone who missed it.  Answers to Town Hall questions are also available on our staff feedback website.