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    General Resources

    The following might be useful in your teaching or for development of learning actitivities or curricular development.

    Streamlining Assessment

    UNSW Medicine & Health's Streamlining Assessment series has been created to explore the purpose of and issues surrounding assessment of students at the Faculty.

    In line with the Health 25 Strategy, the Medicine & Health aims to enhance and streamline assessment cross all schools, programs and courses.

    The objectives of this initiative are to ensure that assessment is:​​​​​​​

    1. ​​​​​​​robust, valid, and fairly evaluates students’ performance and learning outcomes
    2. conducted in a way that minimises stress, anxiety and burden to students and staff
    3. an effective tool that enhances students’ learning.


    The Faculty Assessment Development and Evaluation committee (FADE) has developed a series of webinars as the first steps towards achieving these objectives. Each webinar will provide clear and practical guidance on how to make assessment effective, valid and less stressful for students and staff.

    ​​​​​​​There are four webinars in the series:

    1. The future of assessment
    2. Assessment – it’s all about the balance<
    3. Assessment literacy - from principles to practice
    4. Feedback, feed-forward & enhancing learning

    Further information and webinar recordings are avaible at the Streamlining Assessment sharepoint site: Sharepoint Site


    Medicine Program Resources

    The following are resources for staff involved in the undergraduate Medicine program (3802).

    More information: contact the Learning Resource Manager, Suzanne Mobbs or T: 9065 5216

    General Program Information

    Course Preparation

    Program Templates for Presentations

    Policy and Student Wellbeing Information

    Guidelines for supporting students' mental health and wellbeing