Support for New Teachers

Welcome to teaching @ UNSW Medicine

This webpage is for staff who are new to teaching, new to the faculty or who are looking for teaching support.

During the year we have many new and varied staff joining the faculty and many current staff who begin teaching. There are academic staff who are completely new to teaching, academic staff who are new to this university or faculty, as well as new sessional staff joining us as tutors, new facilitators, and new demonstrators.

We have selected some useful web links to assist you in your induction to the university and to teaching.

New Teaching Staff Induction Days are held two times a year in February, Late June / early July. All new teaching staff are expected to attend the day as soon as possible and certainly within their first year.  This induction day consists of talks and workshops on the following:

  • Overview of faculty Teaching
  • Introduction to learning and teaching theory and skills
  • Workshop on small group teaching
  • Health and safety in teaching
  • Introduction to the library resources
  • The "How to" guide for eMed and the UNSW TELT Platform

For information on support for clinical teaching/conjoint staff see your clinical school director.

Getting Started

Orientation to services

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