Research Profiles

Updating your Research Profile

All academic researchers are able to create a research profile via the UNSW Research site. The information will flow down to the Medicine website/s overnight.

A step-by-step guide "Instructions for Medicine Staff: Completing your profile on UNSW Research Gateway" [pdf] has been developed to assist you. These instructions are developed specially for Medicine staff and supplement the FAQs provided for all UNSW staff (see - login to view)

  1. To update your profile access the site here - (a login link is also located in the footer of the research website)
  2. You will need to ‘untick’ the ‘hide this profile’ box at the bottom of the page if you wish to publish the information on the UNSW Research website.
    • Note:  The information will automatically flow down to the Medicine websites and display there if you are active on those sites (this will take overnight to appear)
  3. Save and logout (a logout link is located in the footer or in the top right corner of the web page)


Research Publications


ROS is UNSW's system for capturing and reporting research publications and outputs.

ROS is designed to help reduce the time and effort spent on managing publication and research outputs across the University and offers a number of functionalities to support researchers at UNSW:

  • Streamlined, and in many cases automated, publications data entry
  • Impact measurements, including H-indexes, citation counts and Altmetrics
  • Easy export options that may assist in the creation of publication lists for CVs, grants and promotion applications
  • Collecting and collating data for HERDC and other research assessment exercises
  • Uploading accurate publication information to the UNSW Research Gateway.

See you school administrator or contact your Faculty Outreach Librarian for assistance.