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Date: Monday 22 June 2020 |  Time: 0900 - 1600

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Sessions 1-4 are held via Teams
Sessions 5-6 are held via Zoom
Sessions 7is held via Teams

Session 8 to be advised.

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Title and Topics Covered Facilitator

Session 1 Intro: Overview of Faculty Teaching
- Overview of Faculty organisation
- Medicine program & graduate capabilities

Professor Gary Velan
Senior Vice Dean, Education
UNSW Medicine


Session 2: Intro: Overview of Faculty Teaching
- Introduction to teaching evaluation, peer mentoring
- Professional development

Dr Rachel Thompson
Senior Lecturer
Office of Medical Education


Sessoin 3: Theory/Skills: Health and Safety in Medicine

- Students risk assessment
- Overview of safety


Tracey Clay
Safety and Environment Coordinator
UNSW Medicine


Session 4: Overview of your role in student wellbeing

- Faculty Wellbeing webpage


Catherine Marley
Faculty Wellbeing Officer
UNSW Medicine


Session 5: Theory/Skills: Introduction to learning & teaching
- Basic learning theories in a nutshell
- Essentials fo giving effective feedback
- Intro to assessment setting and marking

Dr Rachel Thompson
Senior Lecturer
Office of Medical Education


Session 6: Theory/Skills: Small Group Teaching
A/Prof Silas Taylor will work with you in an online session to look how to work better with small groups of students and how to provide better feedback to students in small groups

A/Prof. Silas Taylor
Office of Medical Education


Session 7: Tools: Library Resources
Library resources
- Overview of Library services and resources available to support teaching and research
Please ensure your 'z pass' is activated to participate in this session.

Bronwyn Edwards / Toni Le Roux / Nicole Robertson
Outreach Librarians for UNSW Medicine


Session 8: Tools: The How To Guide to eMed and the
UNSW TELT Platform

- Overview of eMed and TELT Tools
- Hands on practice

Please ensure your 'z pass' is activated to participate in this session.

Suzanne Mobbs
Learning Resources Manager
Office of Medical Education


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Key Contact

Dr Rachel Thompson
Learning & Teaching Fellow | Senior Lecturer
Office of Medical Education
Rm 253 | Level 2
Walllace Wurth Building | UNSW | NSW 2052
UNSW Medicine
(02) 9385 8038