Program Evaluation & Improvement Group (PEIG)

The Program Evaluation and Improvement Group facilitate the development of holistic, integrated, and systematic processes for the evaluation and improvement of UNSW Medicine’s educational programs through the following enablers:


To improve the quality of the student learning, and teaching environments.


ProcessesFor evaluation and improvement incorporating evidence-based approaches to quality and quality improvement.


RewardsIncentive and recognition programs for staff for quality in teaching and contribution to the Program.

The Quality of UNSW Medicine Educational Programs

The quality of the program UNSW Medicine’s educational programs is viewed and assessed in terms of the following four Program Quality Aspects:

  • The Student Experience
    Encompasses the student experiences pre-enrolment to graduation, includes the perspectives of major stakeholders involved with the student e.g. parents/ other staff etc, and delineates a transition period from pre-enrolment to the end of Foundations.
  • Staff and Teaching
    Focuses on quality of teaching as well as staff recognition and support processes, the capabilities of staff, and merit processes.

Overview Model illustrating the holistic view of the program and the program quality aspects