Program Evaluation and Improvement Expert Working Parties (EWP)

The Program and Evaluation and Improvement Group is supported by the work four Expert Working Parties. The Expert Working Parties and their members are:

The Student Experience Working Party

Dr Helen Scicluna (Chair), Office of Medical Education
Dr Winston Lo, School of Public Health and Community Medicine

Student and Graduate Outcomes Working Party

Prof Gary Velan, School of Medical Sciences
Prof Tony O'Sullivan, St George & Sutherland Clinical School
Dr Peter Harris, Office of Medical Education
Dr Helen Scicluna, Office of Medical Education

Staff and Teaching Working Party

Dr Rachel Thompson (chair), Office of Medical Education
Dr Arvin Damodaran, Prince of Wales Clinical School
Dr Silas Taylor, Office of Medical Education
Dr Chinthaka Balasooriya, School of Public Health and Community Medicine
Dr Richard Vickery, School of Medical Sciences
Dr Helen Scicluna, Office of Medical Education

Curriculum and Resources Working Party

This committee will reconvene as required by CDC and members will be advised of further meetings.


Each Expert Working Party is responsible for addressing specific indicators and uses the following four process areas to define evaluation and improvement projects for the indicator set for their group.

  1. Information and feedback from stakeholders - incorporates obtaining the evidence/information from data that exists, and designing instruments/ methods for obtaining information.
  2. Outcomes and material evidence - relates to developing the processes and systems for obtaining routinely collected data that does not require the design of instruments, although it may also address broader information requirements such as where there is not data that exists.
  3. Reporting and communication - processes related to communicating the results and analysis of information to stakeholders.
  4. Improvement and support - processes to address improvement and support in all indicators.

Each EWP is convened by a member of PEIG and has the support of additional PEIG members for specific tasks.

Invited membership to the EWPs reflects the PEIG commitment to involve people who have both interest and expertise in the areas to be addressed in the PQA and indicator set, and who can facilitate the development of leading-edge evaluation and improvement activities.