The PEIG has a membership of a maximum of eight people appointed by the Dean of UNSW Medicine and is chaired by a senior academic appointed by the Dean.

Membership comprises academic and clinical staff, a person with expertise in program evaluation and quality improvement, invited student representatives, and senior professional appointments to support the group.

The PEIG members are:

Professor Gary Velan | Senior Vice-Dean Education (Chair)
T  9385 1278

Associate Professor Tony O'Sullivan | Program Authority - Medicine
Department of Medicine, St George & Sutherland Clinical School

Associate Professor Nalini Pather | Head of Teaching in Anatomy
School of Medical Science
T: 9385 8025

Dr Narelle Mackay | Senior Lecturer
Office of Medical Education
T: 9385 1926

Dr Chinthaka Balasooriya | Phase 2 Co-convenor
School of Public Health and Community Medicine
T: 9385 1943

Dr Rachel Thompson | Senior Lecturer
UNSW Medicine Learning & Teaching Fellow, Office of Medical Education
T 9385 8038

Dr Arvin Damodaran |  (Phase 3 Convenor) Senior Lecturer and Director, Clinical Teaching Unit
Prince of Wales Clinical School

Dr Richard Vickery | Deputy Head of School (Teaching)
School of Medical Sciences
T: 9385 1676

Associate Professor Boaz Shulruf | Research
Office of Medical Education
T: 9385 2693

President UNSW MedSoc

Mr Sam Sabharwal | Medicine Education Support Analyst
UNSW Medicine
T: 9385 0158