MedTELT Committee

Sub-committee of the Faculty Education Committee.


The minutes and documents for this committee are located on SharePoint. Access to the SharePoint site is for members or approved support staff only.



  • Faculty's Learning and Teaching Fellow


  • Associate Dean, Education
  • Associate Dean, Postgraduate Coursework
  • Program Authority Medicine
  • Program Authority Exercise Physiology
  • Educational support staff
    • Office of Medical Education
    • Medicine Education & Student Office
    • School of Medical Sciences
    • School of Public Health and Community Medicine
    • South Western Sydney Clinical School
    • Rural Clinical School
  • Medicine Computing Support Unit
    • IT Manager
    • eMed and IT Developer
  • Invited Academic Teaching Staff
    • Office of Medical Education
    • School of Medical Sciences
    • School of Public Health and Community Medicine
    • Clinical Skills Convenor (Medicine)
  • Invited Clinical Teaching Staff (Medicine)
    • St Vincent's Clinical School
    • Prince of Wales Clinical School
    • Rural Clinical School
  • UNSW Library Academic Service Unit representative
  • UNSW Learning and Teaching Unit (invitees)
  • Faculty liaison education developer
  • Undergraduate student represenative - MedSoc Vice-President or nominee

Terms of Reference and Responsibilities

The UNSW Medicine Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching Committee (MedTELT) is a coordinating body of TELT users and developers within the faculty. This committee was formed to enable TELT development, evaluation and maintenance across the faculty. It develops faculty TELT policy and considers proposals from the Associate Deans of Education and Postgraduate Education, the Education Committee and other relevant sub-committees and working groups. It reports to the Education Committee regularly via the MedTELT Chair and liaises with the various education committees and working groups within the faculty as required. Its main purpose is to initiate development, evaluation and maintenance of TELT within the faculty, liaising with the Learning and Teaching Unit via the LTU team member(s) who sit on the committee. It will also operate as a networking group – improving communication on TELT matters across the faculty and promoting the sharing of our experiences of innovative projects on eLearning and emerging IT. The membership of MedTELT evolves in response to changes to working parties and faculty organisation during ongoing development of TELT.

Frequency of Meetings

Monthly one-hour meetings on first Monday of each month with working groups formed for more detailed projects. Averaging ~9 committee meetings per year.

Structure and Review

The term of membership for each category of member is usually for 2 years. The composition of the Committee may be reviewed if new working parties or other bodies involved in developing and/or oversight of the curriculum are established.