Medicine Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Our Strategy

Our approach to diversity and inclusion is driven by the UNSW 2025 Vision

From the Vice-Chancellor down, diversity and inclusion is considered essential to UNSW's continued success. To address this, the Medicine Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (MEDIC) is committed to providing a supportive and equitable place of employment and education for all staff and students of UNSW Medicine without discrimination. 

Chair: Louisa Jorm

Priority Areas

The Faculty is working to address a number of priority areas in order to meet our vision for 2025. 

Priority Area Champion
Gender Anita Heywood
Low Socioecononomic Status Silas Taylor
Indigenous Anthony Shakeshaft
Disability Valsamma Eapen and Marian Spencer
LGBTQI Craig Smith
Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Lisa Maher
Flexible Working and Leave Caroline Meyer


Terms of Reference

The terms of reference for MEDIC: 

  • oversee the implementation of the Faculty's Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Plan across the Faculty's Schools, Centres and Institutes; 
  • ensure that the Faculty's EDI Plan and the governance of MEDIC supports UNSW's 2025 Strategy and aligns to the objectives of the UNSW EDI Board; 
  • identify actions and initiatives to help achieve the Faculty's EDI targets;
  • evaluate progress towards achieving EDI goals, strategies, targets and evidencing best practice; 
  • provide a forum for discussion of EDI issues and ideas within the Faculty; and 
  • contribute to the communication and reinforcement of shared values around EDI to support a culture of inclusiveness within the Faculty. 


Chair Professor Louisa Jorm
Dean Professor Rodney Phillips
Faculty Executive Director Jonathan Pheasant
Faculty HR Business Partner Caroline Meyer
Faculty Champions

Valsamma Eapen, Psychiatry
Caroline Ford, SWCH
Amanda Henry, SWCH
Anita Heywood, SPHCM
Anthony Kelleher, Kirby
Lisa Maher, Kirby
Anthony Shakeshaft, NDARC
Marian Spencer, Black Dog
Silas Taylor, OME
Richard Vickery, SOMS

Craig Smith, South Western Sydney

Student Representatives Roshana Kanagarathau, Postgraduate
Eleanor Hall, Undergraduate
Secretariat Marianne Colbert, EDI UNSW Medicine
Ex-Officio Julie Thoms, Women in Research Network


Faculty Champions will be appointed for a two year initial term. At the expiration of these initial appointments, half of the Champions will be reappointed for an additional term.

Members should have an appointment or be enrolled at UNSW for the term of their appointment. 

Number of members: Up to 20
Quorum: 50% + 1

Executive support/Secretariat to be provided by a nominated member of the Faculty. 


Meetings and Attendance

MEDIC will meet six times per year. Committee members are strongly encouraged to attend these meetings. Proxies are acceptable. 


Working Groups

From time to time, MEDIC may establish working groups, involving staff and students from across the Faculty, to focus on specific areas of opportunity and/or concern. Leads nominated from MEDIC will be responsible for the coordination of meetings, membership and reporting on the activities of the working groups at each committee meeting. 


Reporting Structure

MEDIC is to report on its activities to Faculty Board and the UNSW EDI Board. 


Future Meetings

  • Wednesday 10th October 2018  
  • Wednesday 12th December 2018  
  • Wednesday, 6th March 2019
  • Wednesday, 17 April 2019
  • Wednesday, 7 August 2019
  • Wednesday, 9 October 2019
  • Wednesday, 11 December 2019  


Equity at UNSW Medicine


Contact MEDIC

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our EDI strategy, contact Marianne Colbert or email MEDIC.