Medical Education Research

The UNSW Medical Education Research Group (MERG) undertakes a number of research projects aiming to enhance teaching and learning in medical education alongside advancing theories and knowledge in the field. The topics of research projects currently undertaken by the MERG are:

  • clinical decision making
  • selection of medical students
  • standard setting in educational assessment
  • assessment of clinical skills
  • threshold concepts in medical statistics and evidence-based practice
  • numeracy issues in learning about research
  • mapping and revising the learning and teaching of research
  • e-learning and blended in medical education

The MERG team offers expertise in both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to medical education research undertaken by UNSW staff and students. Currently there are four PhD and 2 Masters students who are supervised by members of MERG and we are recruiting now more to undertake research in the following projects. For more information please contact the research team/leader.

Further information: For inquiries on medical education research in general please contact Associate Professor Boaz Shulruf.

Research opportunities in Medical Education


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