Marketing and Communications

Division of External Relations (DEx) Toolkit

Division of External Relations (DEx) will support pan-UNSW marketing, events and recruitment activities across all faculties. From a Faculty specific perspective, we will only financially support marketing events and activities that are of strategic relevance to the Faculty, aligns with the overall priorities of the Faculty and that is mentioned in the Faculty Workplan, which is approved at the start of each year. The workplan is part of an overarching strategy agreed with the faculty management and DEx leadership team. Within the current environment DEx activities in the Faculty are aimed at recruitment, the website and very high level Faculty branding activities. We also have a directive that any marketing activities for Schools, Centres, Institutes and Themes have to be approved by the Faculty Leadership Team as all funding has to be centralised.

If you have funding approval for your request then we can help direct the request. However, we have a few general requirements for DEx requests:

  • Brand guidelines will have to be followed for any logo or brand requests. These can be found here: Brand approval can be requested from the UNSW branding team.
  • Please ensure you have a clear purpose and objectives for any requested marketing campaigns and/or events;
  • It is important that you have done some market research on whether any planned event is of interest to your target audiences (i.e. we will need some assurance that there is a definite need for a planned campaign or event and that you will get the required interest, media coverage and numbers you plan for - we cannot be held responsible for attendance numbers);
  • DEx cannot design any non-Faculty web pages because of the prioritisation of Faculty web pages. We can support web requests by providing the names of external UNSW approved agencies and work being commissioned will have to be funded by the requester.
  • All requested marketing collateral and/ or event will have to fit into a larger strategic approach to the marketing and communication of the Faculty.

See UNSW DEX Toolkit for Medicine.

Staff Name
Christina Kingen (Internal Communications)
Isabelle Dubach (External Communications) 
Rose Drover (Social Media)
Grace Reyes  (Events)
Thomas Oakley (Future Student Recruitment)
Sarah Douglas (Senior Marketing Officer)


Advertising Events

UNSW Medicine events should be added to the UNSW events website. All events tagged ‘medicine’ will automatically flow to the UNSW Medicine events page. Any UNSW staff  member can submit an event via this form.

If your event has a local focus only (e.g. only open to Medicine staff), you may wish to submit your event directly to the UNSW Medicine events database.

Helpful tips on adding UNSW and faculty events available here

Logos and Templates

UNSW Logos and are available on myUNSW under UNSW Brand Guidelines

  • Login to myUNSW
  • Click on the yellow ‘UNSW Branding Requirements’ on the left hand side under ‘Services for staff
  • Listed under the heading 'UNSW Branding - Welcome' see the sub menus of which 'Templates' is one

NOTE - Powerpoint: If you are travelling and using a computer where the 'Sommet' font is not installed please select the 'Arial' font presentation. Otherwise your formatted presentation will not display correctly.

UNSW Medicine Logos 

Faculty and School logos are available from for use from  - please note, these logos may only be used in special circumstances such as on merchandise.

News and Media

All media requests are to be directed to the UNSW Media Office. The Media Office handles media liaison and,where appropriate, acts as the official spokesperson for UNSW. If you need assistance contact the UNSW Media Office