Learning and Teaching Publications

Journal Articles

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Conference Papers

Dharmaratne, S., Balasooriya, C., Razee, H., Marambe, K., and Ponnamperuma, G. (2014). Vignette-based Decision Point Analysis: An innovative method to explore sensitive clinical practice information. Paper presented at the Asia Pacific Medical Education Conference, Singapore

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Ho, V, Kumar, R.K., and Velan, G.M. ( 2014) Online Testable Concept Maps: Benefits For Learning. ANZAHPE 2014 Conference - Conference Proceedings And Program. Gold Coast, Australia: ANZAHPE, Griffith University, pp. 197 - 197, presented at ANZAHPE 2014, Griffith University, 07 - 10 July 2014.

Holmboe E., Busairi J., Liberman S., Ross S., and Harris P. (2014) Milestones and EPAs – Frameworks for CBME and Assessment , AMEE Milan 2014

Pervaz Iqbal, M., Balasooriya, C., O'Sullivan, A. J., and Velan, G. M. (2014). Identifying the critical and important collaborative competencies that relate to effective collaborative learning environments in medicine. Paper presented at the ANZAHPE 2014 Conference, Gold Coast, Australia.

Shulruf, B., and Jones, P. (2014). Using modern test theory for standard setting in medical education (pre-conference workshop). Paper presented at the Ottawa Conference: Transforming healthcare through excellence in assessment and evaluation, Ottawa.25-29 April

Shulruf, B., Poole, P., Jones, P., and Wilkinson, T. (2014). Validating the objective borderline method (OBM) for standard setting using a simulation study. Paper presented at the 9th Conference of the International Test Commission (ITC), San Sebastian, Spain. 2-5 July