Information for clinical examiners

Welcome to clinical examiners, old and new! This page is an initiative of the Clinical Learning and Assessment Committee which has oversight of clinical examinations in the undergraduate medical program.

Clinical examinations are both a rite of passage for the trainee doctor, and an important assessment of the critical skills for clinical practice. Given the design of the medicine program, clinical examinations occur at the end of each Phase, and thus the expectations of students for each Phase exam are different in important ways. Below we aim to provide a one stop shop of information for all involved. Some of this is quite detailed, but necessarily so. We greatly appreciate your commitment to examining and know that time spent preparing will be worthwhile, for all concerned.

In addition, given the processes used for each examination are similar, we have also provided quick resources to bring you up to speed on issues such as using iPads for grading, as well as some of the Frequently Asked Questions.

Supervisor, Examiner, Administrator information for all clinical examinations, including supplementary examinations, plus other resources, such as FAQs, instructional and informational videos are all now found at

Should you have questions remaining after having accessed the relevant information (or any issues accessing the SharePoint page), please discuss with your School academic/conjoint, plus administration staff. Feel free to include us at Kensington campus in the discussion too, so that we can update this information accordingly, where required. Email us on