Induction and Facilitator Training Day Resources

Induction Day Resources (Day 1)

This page archives the most recent content from the Induction Day - for use by attendees or those staff unable to attend.

Session 1: INTRO: Intro: Overview of Faculty Teaching
Facilitators: Prof Philip Jones, Dr Rachel Thompson

Session 2: THEORY/SKILLS: Health and Safety in Teaching

Facilitator: Gregory Maxwell

  • Health and Safety Presentation Notes - July 2016
  • New Teaching Staff: SOMS
  • You are responsible for the safety of students during your lecture/workshop.

    Refer to the UNSW Emergency Procedures flipchart, which should be available in all teaching spaces. This provides guidance on action to take in various emergency situations e.g. fire, medical, power outage, personal threat, evacuation.

    You should be aware of the building assembly point for all locations where you teach: To find out the location of the assembly point, refer to the Emergency Procedures Poster on display in the relevant building, or refer to the building assembly points map located on the Emergency Management Webpage.

    In case of emergency call the UNSW emergency number (02) 938 56666

Session 3: THEORY/SKILLS: Introduction to learning & teaching
Facilitator: Dr Rachel Thompson

Session 4: THEORY/SKILLS: Small group teaching
Facilitator: Silas Taylor

Session 5: THEORY/SKILLS:Other teaching styles and activities
Facilitator: Rachel Thompson

  • Teaching and learning styles - See session 1

Session 6: TOOLS: Library resources
Facilitator: Wolf Villalta, Peter Smith

Session 7: TOOLS: The How To Guide to eMed and the UNSW TELT Platform
Facilitator: Suzanne Mobbs


Facilitator Induction Day Resources (Day 2)

**Important: Documents to be read prior to Facilitating**

Session 1 - INTRO: Orientation to Phase 1 of the Medicine Program
Facilitators: Karen Gibson

Session 2 - SKILLS: Scenario Group Facilitation
Facilitator: Dr Chinthaka Balasooriya

Videos of Facilitating now available: (staff number and zpass required)