ILP and Honours Committee

Sub-committee of the Medicine Curriculum Development Committee.


The minutes and documents for this committee are located on SharePoint. Access to the SharePoint site is for members or approved support staff only.


Membership is usually for a period of two years. The Chair of the committee will be invited to become a member of the CDC.


  • ILP & Honours Convenor and Coordinator


  • Associate Dean, Education
  • Program Authority - Medicine
  • Representatives from the following areas
    • Prince of Wales Clinical School
    • School of Medical Sciences
    • School of Public Health & Community Medicine
    • School of Psychiatry
    • Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing
    • School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences
    • Faculty of Science
    • Office of Medical Education
    • Undergradaute Student Representatives

Administrative Support

  • Administrative Representative of the Medicine Education & Student Office

Terms of Reference and Responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities of the ILP and BSc (Med) Honours Committee

  1. To continuously develop a framework or blueprint which effectively integrates the independent learning projectand BSc (Med) Honours into Phase 2 of the program.
  2. To promote the ILP / BSc (Med) Honours across all schools and oversee the selection of proposed projects. To ensure that supervisors understand the objectives of the ILP / BSc (Med) Honours and provide adequate supervision.
  3. To review supervisors’ reports and confirm the appoint examiners for the final reports.
  4. To review unsatisfactory outcomes and recommend appropriate remedial action.
  5. To review evaluation and assessment data, and suggest modifications to content and design of the ILP / BSc (Med) Honours as appropriate.