Guidelines for requests for UNSW Medicine students to be involved in research or Surveys

The Faculty receives many requests from within the Faculty and from external organisations to assist with the participation of medical students in surveys and research activities. The Faculty does not automatically endorse these activities and assist with recruitment. It is important to ensure that that these activities are relevant to the students and that their participation will contribute to medical research or education. The Faculty is also responsible for managing the demand placed on students. All requests must provide documentation that the research or survey is approved by a recognised ethics committee. In some instances the Faculty is approached before ethics committee approval is obtained to enquire as to whether assistance is likely to be forthcoming. In this instance the Faculty may indicate an informal agreement to consider the research once ethics committee approval is obtained.

Requests that are approved by the Faculty will generally be communicated to students via Moodle rather than broadcast email. MedSoc is often asked to also promote the research. The Faculty is not in a position to further assist in the recruitment of participants. The engagement of students in surveys and research projects cannot disrupt teaching activities.

Requests that are not approved by the Faculty will sometimes be forwarded to MedSoc which may decide to promote the activity noting that it is not endorsed by the Faculty.

Any member of the Faculty, including academic and professional staff who receives a request of this nature should refer it onto the Associate Dean, Education or the Program Authority. A group comprising the Associate Dean, Education, the Medicine Program Authority, and the Chair of the ILP/Hons Committee will determine the outcome of the request.

Academic staff who are planning a research project that will depend on recruiting medical students should seek approval before finalising the research plan.