To follow  the October 2019 Medicine Town Hall, the Dean and leadership team are listening and learning about the great work of the Faculty. A top priority is to use the next six months to develop a refreshed strategy for UNSW Medicine to position us for success in the future.  We welcome your thoughts and ideas over the coming months.  We are keen to seek broad consultation during this process. 

To provide leadership and direction to the Faculty during this six-month period, we have an interim leadership group.  The members of this group bring expertise across a range of areas crucial to the success of this Faculty and will include:

Professor Gary Velan – Senior Vice Dean Education

Professor Sean Emery - Senior Vice Dean Research & Operations

Professor John Watson – Senior Vice Dean Clinical Affairs

Professor Rebecca Ivers – Head, School of Public Health & Community Medicine

Jonathan Pheasant – Faculty Executive Director

Brooke Griffin – Executive Director, Precincts Business Unit

Questions from the October Town Hall are answered below from the transcript of the answers given by the interim leadership team.  There were often questions that were slightly different versions of the same theme.  The leadership team did answer many of these in the Town Hall, so where there were similar questions, we have grouped them together.  If you feel that the answer given does not address your question, please do submit it below and the leadership team will provide an answer.  Answers to questions are available for all staff to view using your zID login and password. 

Time didn't allow us to answer all the questions at the Town Hall.  The leadership team are currently answering them and we will post as they are answered.  

We encourage you to submit any additional questions you might have via the link below.  This can be done anonymously and we will endeavour to respond within a week by posting the answers online.

If you would like to be emailed your answer, please include your email address in the form below.

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