Short Courses

In August 2019, the Faculty Education Committee established a Short Course Sub-Committee tasked with exploring a Faculty-wide process for short course review, approval and administration. Reviewing the opportunities available across UNSW, the Faculty Education Committee endorsed an agreement between the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) and the Faculty of Medicine to enable Faculty of Medicine staff to access a range of administrative services that are well-established in AGSM for operating face to face and online short courses.

The agreement enables staff to advertise short courses through a dedicated Faculty portal in the AGSM short course website, to access the UNSW CBD campus and catering for face to face delivery and the AGSM Virtual Learning Environment for online modes, to gain customer service support and course evaluation support from AGSM within a fixed fee. A set of short course guidelines, procedure and process for review and approval of short course proposals by the Faculty Education Short Course Sub-Committee has also been established. The procedure for short courses is outlined in the figure below. 

Short Course Arrangements

The new process will undergo a pilot implementation phase 1st May 2020- 30th April 2021. Course proposals should be submitted using the Short Course Outline template to the relevant School Education Committee for review approval before submission to the Faculty Education Committee Short Course Sub-Committee for further approval and Faculty of Education Committee for endorsement.

Process for proposal and development of a short course in UNSW Medicine


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