Faculty Education Committee


The minutes and documents for this committee are located on SharePoint. Access to the SharePoint site is for members or approved support staff only.



  • Associate Dean, Education


  • Dean (or nominee)
  • Associate Dean (Postgraduate Coursework)
  • Associate Dean (Academic Governance)
  • Faculty General Manager (or nominee)
  • Program Authority, Medicine
  • Program Authority, Exercise Physiology
  • At least one postgraduate program authority
  • Member, SOMS Education Committee
  • Member, Program Evaluation and Improvement Group
  • Member, Faculty Assessment, Development and Evaluation Group
  • Member, Medicine Technology-enabled L&T Committee
  • Student Services Manager, Medicine Education and Student Office
  • Representative, Science Academic Committee
  • Student Services Manager, Postgraduate Coursework Programs
  • Student representatives from MedSoc and ExPhysSoc, and postgraduate coursework program

Terms of Reference

1. Related to academic coursework:

a) Consider and recommend strategy related to the Faculty’s coursework activities;

b) Consider and recommend the establishment, review, revision or termination of programs and courses;

c) Consider and recommend academic rules and requirements specific to Faculty programs.

d) Oversee Academic Program Reviews and external accreditation requirements.

2. Related to the quality of learning and teaching activities:

a) Consider and recommend strategy related to the academic quality of learning and teaching activities;

b) Receive and consider learning and teaching quality reports and other matters that speak to academic quality and standards;

3. Oversee the implementation of University policies related to learning and teaching including Program Policy, Admissions, Assessment, and Student Misconduct etc.

4. Other activities as requested by the Faculty Board.

The Faculty Academic Committee will report to the Faculty Board.