The Medicine and Health Education Academy was established in 2021 to enhance the quality of the Faculty’s educational offerings and the development of staff engaged in learning and teaching.

The aims of the Academy are as follows:
1. Elevate the status of learning and teaching in all Schools within the Faculty;
2. Drive innovation in learning and teaching in the Faculty;
3. Support and foster assessment and feedback practice that enhances learning;
4. Enhance teaching quality through mentoring of teaching staff and formative peer review;
5. Enhance quality of courses in the Faculty by contributing to course design teams;
6. Align educational initiatives with the Faculty’s Health25 strategy and the University’s 2025 strategy update;
7. Evaluate the impact of innovations in learning and teaching;
8. Share good educational practice with staff within the Faculty and University;
9. Foster educational scholarship in the Faculty;

10. Focus on enhancing the student experience;
11. Partner with students, alumni and other members of the University community to enhance the Faculty’s education offerings;
12. Act as an expert panel to advise on educational technology options within the Faculty;
13. Liaise with nodes of the Academy in each School to ensure two-way communication of initiatives and achievements.

Each School in Medicine and Health will establish its own node of the Academy, with membership available to all academic and professional staff involved in learning and teaching.