Dean's Awards 2015

At a ceremony held on 18 November, 2015, the following awards were presented by Professor Rodney Phillips, Dean, UNSW Medicine:


Dean's Award for Outstanding Achievement

Professor John Kaldor, Kirby Institute


Dean’s Rising Star Awards

– to acknowledge the achievements of Postdoctoral Staff and Early Career Researchers in their respective fields of activity

Emma Barrett NDARC
Kim Delbaere NeuRA and School of Public Health and Community Medicine
Elizabeth Hinde School of Medical Sciences
Karen Anne Mather School of Psychiatry
Keith Chee Y Ooi School of Women's and Children's


Dean's List

– these awards are to acknowledge the achievements of young researchers with the potential to become career scientists

Rebekah Ahmed NeuRA
Samantha Bobba School of Medical Sciences
Behzad Hajarizadeh Kirby Institute
Ruth Huo St George and Sutherland Clinical School
Kari Lancaster NDARC
Stephanie Hui-Su Lim South Western Sydney Clinical School
Joshua Mortimer Rural Clinical School
Claire O'Callaghan NeuRA


Dean’s Awards for Professional and Technical Staff

– to acknowledge the achievements of professional and technical staff who have made outstanding contributions in their respective areas

Richard Green Medicine Computing Support Unit
Karen Jackson Rural Clinical School
Sharon Lee Faculty Human Resources
Eunice Tan School of Medical Sciences


The following Faculty Awards were also presented

Conjoint Teaching Awards

David Greenberg School of Psychiatry Best innovation by conjoint staff member in teaching program
Eric Moyle Rural Clinical School
Penny Uther School of Women's and Children's Health Best service in teaching delivery by conjoint staff member
Gordon Flynn Prince of Wales Clinical School Best overall Conjoint Teacher


2015 Student Prizes in MD Program

Varun Manoharan Prize for Medicine in Phase 3
Kei Woldendorp Combined Teaching Hospitals Senior Staff Prize for Performance in the Phase 3 Integrated Clinical Examination
Kei Woldendorp Frank Rundle Prize for Surgery in Phase 3
Kamal Singh Best Overall Performance in the MD program