Course and Teacher Evaluation


myExperience is a new digital survey that has replaced the previous UNSW course evaluation tool of CATEI. It fully replaced CATEI in October 2016. It will evaluate at both course and teaching levels. This is a more automated system than CATEI in terms of creating the request and report. The previous administrators of CATEI  within your school/unit will be able to assist you with any questions you might have about it.

Full details are available here:


Other ways to evaluate your teaching

Some suggestions for evaluation processes follow - useful if you are interested in evaluating your teaching, currricular design or learning activities outside of the myExperience process or to give you more specific detail.

An excellent way to get direct feedback on your teaching approach, teaching skills and even your curricular designs. More time consuming than other feedback methods, but you will get much more detail and hopefully develop a peer support relationship on the way.

Critical reflection

  • Use a diary to make regular notes about your practice
  • What went well, what went badly and what could you improve on next time?

Peer mentoring

  • A supportive mentor can assist you to evaluate the teaching activities and resources that you develop
  • Schools and departments can organise a mentor for you
  • Formal mentoring system - under development

Clinical Teaching Evaluation Survey

  • Designed specifically for evaluation of clinical small group teaching
  • You can send a survey link to your students
  • Students fill in the survey online, putting your name in the box on the front page for "tutor/ clinician name"
  • When all students have filled in the survey you will receive the survey findings  - anonymous and deidentified

More information - please contact Helen Scicluna email:

Informal review

  • Can be carried out before, during or after a class, e.g. hand out sticky notes at the end of class and ask students to jot down the best part of the class, the part that needs improvement and something that surprised them or made them think.
  • Brookfield’s Critical Evaluation Questionnaire ("CEQ") = a one page, simple, adaptable evaluation that evaluates "5 critical moments" of student learning and can be used on a regular basis to aid both you and your students' progress:
  1. At what moment were you most engaged as a learner?
  2. At what moment were you most distanced as a learner?
  3. What action or contribution taken by anyone in the course did you find most affirming and helpful?
  4. What action or contribution taken by anyone in the course did you find most puzzling or confusing?
  5. What surprised you most?

Brookfield, S. 1995, Becoming a Critically Reflective Teacher, San Francisco, Jossey-Bass, p. 115.

More formal evaluation

  • Self-designed surveys can be useful but note that ethics approval may be required if you design these yourself and / or wish to publish the findings
  • CATEI (see above)

Advice on teaching evaluation

For more information and advice on shaping your career in teaching, see your department head or access the UNSW Teaching Gateway careers page.