Collaborative Peer Review in UNSW Medicine

Involves collaboration with teaching peers for informal or formal observational review of teaching skills, specific learning activities or curricular development using a semi-structured process.

Features of peer review

  • Works best as a learning experience
  • Focus on understanding rather than judging
  • Feedback constructive as basis for critical self-reflection and dialogue
  • Peers = colleagues from the same or a different school or from a support service e.g. Faculty / University Learning and Teaching Staff
  • Can be summative instead of formative, formal rather than informal
  • Can also be used for peer review of curriculum design.

Why undertake Peer-review of Teaching?

  1. Complements the cycle of self-reflection and development
  2. Supports own efforts towards innovation and evaluation
  3. Provides additional evidence of the quality of teaching – useful in career progression and promotion
  4. Contributes to the robustness of mechanisms that reward excellence in teaching

How to set up peer review of your teaching?

If you are interested in setting up a peer review session or cycle, please contact Dr Rachel Thompson