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UNSW Medicine Education Awards 2020

Dr Trevor Lewis, Award for Teaching Excellence, with Prof Gary Velan & Vlado Perkovic, 2019UNSW Medicine is committed to providing a working environment focused on excellence where employees are able to reach their full potential and develop their career. Medicine prides itself on the calibre of its staff.


The UNSW Medicine Education Awards 2020
UNSW Medicine recognises great teaching and research on an annual basis by presenting the following categories of awards.

The final award for 2020 are yet to be confirmed but will be similar to 2019 awards and include an award for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching staff that is nominated by open student vote:

  1. Award for Excellence in Enhancing the Student Experience (Professional & Technical Staff)
  2. Award for Excellence in Professional Support Services (Professional & Technical Staff)
  3. Award for Excellence in Educational Design or Development
    • a. Academic (Individual)
    • b. Team (All Staff)

  4. Award for Teaching Excellence (Casual or Sessional Staff)
  5. Award for Teaching Excellence (Early Career Academic Staff)
  6. Award for Teaching Excellence (Conjoint Academic Staff)
  7. Award for Teaching Excellence (Academic Staff)
  8. Award for Teacher of the Year (Nominated by the Award Panel)

Note that you can also nominate for UNSW Research Awards (also TBC for 2020) 

2020 Nominations will open at the end of October with a deadline around mid-November

The award presentation for 2020 will be on Friday 4th December following the UNSW Medicine Education Forum 2020. 

The Nomination Process:

  • The criteria and instructions are now available - Nomination Information (TBC)
  • All academic nominations require staff to access and use myEducation Portfolio as part of their application.
  • Nominations are judged by faculty nominated academic panels.
  • Awardees and their head of school will be advised by email before the beginning of December. The award ceremony will be held on Friday 6th December at 1pm.​

Nomination Form - [pdf] to be uploaded shortly.

Each nomination must be accompanied by a completed nomination form signed by the nominee and the Head of School or equivalent, plus a letter of support from HOS or equivalent.

Key tips for success:

  • Check with your head of school or department which award you should nominate for
  • Stick to the instructions and answer the appropriate criteria carefully and concisely
  • Use recent evidence to support the nomination - choose a few of the best of the following: feedback from myExperience, informal and/or formal evaluation comments from students and collleagues, examination or assessment results
  • Ask a colleague to read through your nomination application - to advise on content, clarity and to proofread.

For more information or assistance, please contact your Department Head / Head of School, or email the contacts above.

Further Advice:

If you are interested in applyin in the future, it is advisable to start early (e.g. the year before) to:

  • Collect feedback from students and colleagues during the year - use formal and informal evaluation methods
  • Draft and seek feedback on the nomination criteria
  • Approach your Head of Department and Head of School early for support and advice
  • Secure an official letter of support from your Head of School or similar (e.g. convenor or Head of Department).  This is helpful as supporting evidence for all nominations.

Current and past award recipients

Other available awards