Annual Learning and Teaching Forum

Held once a year this forum aims to bring together the many teachers and educationists within the faculty for a networking occasion, and also to give everyone the chance to air their work, papers in progress and discuss problematic teaching topics.

Next forum

Friday, 6 December 2019

9am to 2pm, Kirby Institute Seminar Room, Kensington Campus map ref C27

2019 Program and Abstracts available closer to the date

See below for last year's abstracts, recordings and copies of presentations.

Lunch at 1pm following on from presentation of UNSW Medicine Annual Learning & Teaching Awards

To register your attendance at the forum click on the registration link (available closer to the date)

If you are unable to attend personally, you can video conference or watch through Lecture Recording +

Short presentation and poster submissions for the 2019 forum will open in November 2019.

All faculty and conjoint staff involved in teaching UNSW medicine UG/PG students, plus UNSW students researching medical education are invited to showcase their learning and teaching practice/research by presenting a short presentation or poster on their design and innovation projects and educational research at our annual learning and teaching forum in December.

Short Presentations:  We welcome short (5 min or 10 min) presentations on the educational aspects of your practice, e.g. evaluation of your teaching experiences, innovations, curricular or assessment development, and scholarly educational R&D. Presentations of final stage/published educational research by our PhD, ILP, or Honours students is also encouraged. Please send your 200 word presentation abstract (with title and all presenter/authors listed) to Abstract deadline midday on Monday 18 November 2019.

Posters: We will also display any educational posters that have been presented elsewhere during 2019, or you may wish create a new poster for the forum. Posters will be displayed in the  foyer area for everyone to see during the forum breaks. Please send your poster details: title, 50-word summary and authors, to deadline midday on Monday 18 November 2019.

Medical Education Research Student 3-minute presentation: If you are undertaking medical education research as a UNSW undergraduate/postgraduate student (e.g. ILP / PhD) but are not yet ready to present your findings in full, you may wish to apply for a 3 minute/1 slide presentation. This can be submitted recorded as video or presented live. Please contact to discuss options. 



Click on the forum dates to view the past presentations


  • Program 2015 (The program also includes a list of the posters)
  • Insights into the Angoff method: results from a simulation study
    Abstract | Recording
    Boaz Shulruf, Phillippa Poole, Tim Wilkinson, Jennifer Weller, Philip Jones
    Office of Medical Education
  • Hype & Hope: Reflections on UNSW Medicine’s First MOOC
    Abstract | Precording
    Caroline Ford1, Orin Chisholm2 and Lincoln Gomes3
    1Prince of Wales Clinical School, 2School of Medical Science and 3Learning & Teaching Unit
  • A Workshop on Capacity: “What to do when patient’s disagree”
    Abstract | Recording
    Michael Murphy1, and Claudia Woolf2
    1School of Psychiatry, 2St Vincents Hospital
  • Paediatric Clinical Exposure for Medical Students – Are They Seeing Enough?
    Abstract | Recording
    Penelope Uther, (Keith) Chee Y. Ooi
    School of Women’s and Children’s Health
  • Development of discipline maps and pilot during clinical orientation
    Abstract | Recording
    Arvin Damodaran1, Clayton Gilbert2, Suzanne Mobbs3, Patti Shih4, Rachel Thompson3 and Eilean Watson4
    1Prince of Wales Clinical School, 2 Medicine Computing Support Unit, 3 Office of Medical Education and 4 School of Public Health & Community Medicine
  • Clinical supervisors have a BLAST with UNSW training
    Abstract | Recording
    Joel Rhee1, Kirsten Challinor2, Laurin Lau1, Winston Lo1, Nicholas Zwar1, Chinthaka Balasooriya1, Arvin Damodaran2, Sonal Bhalla3, Rachel Thompson4, Kylie Vuong1, Mark Braidwood1, Rachel Ward5, Diane Vukelic1, Caroline Thornton1, Andrew Lovell-Simons1
    1School of Public Health and Community Medicine, 2Prince of Wales Hospital, 3Learning & Teaching, 4Office of Medical Education, 5School of Medical Sciences
  • Towards a Blended Learning Technology Toolkit
    Abstract | Recording
    Nalini Pather1, Lila Azouz2, Boaz Shulruf2, Phil Jones2, Gary Velan1 and Richard Vickery1
    1School of Medical Sciences and 2Office of Medical Education
  • Enabling online, real-time classroom interactions with digital images to support student learning
    Abstract | PPT Presentation | Recording
    Stephanie Dowdell1, Betty Kan2, Nalini Pather2 and Patrick de Permentier2
    1Smart Sparrow, 2School of Medical Sciences
  • Anatomage for Anatomy Blended Learning Project
    Abstract | Recording
    AR (Sandy) McColl1, Kenneth Ashwell2, Nalini Pather2, Irina Dedova2, Craig Smith2, Julianne Weatherley1, Lila Azouz3 and Joel Katz4
    1Port Macquarie Rural Clinical School, 2School of Medical Science, 3Office of Medical Education, 4Rural Clinical School
  • Evaluation of Biostatical Blended Learning in Cancer Science Course
    Abstract | PPT Presentation | Recording
    Jia-Lin Yang1 and Lila Azouz2
    1Prince of Wales Clinical School, 2Office of Medical Education
  • How have we improved collaborative learning in a third year undergraduate Cancer Sciences Course?
    Abstract | PPT Presentation | Recording
    Jia-Lin Yang1, Caroline Ford1, Thuan Thai2, Richard Vickery2 and Patsie Polly2
    1Prince of Wales Clinical School, 2School of Medical Science
  • Online adaptive tutorials that support learning in data interpretation and scientific reasoning
    Abstract | PPT Presentation | Recording
    Trevor Lewis,School of Medical Science
  • The Gene Suite of Virtual Laboratories : Blending Practical Lessons in Western blotting for Enhancing Personalised Student Learning of Disease Diagnosis
    Abstract | Recording
    Patsie Polly1, Louise Lutze-Mann2, Thuan Thai1, Nirmani Wijenayake Gamachchige2 and Danni Maguire3
    1School of Medical Sciences, 2School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences and 3Smart Sparrow
  • Enhancing Students’ Academic Practice in Postgraduate Learning: A Discipline-Embedded Online Innovation
    Abstract | PPT Presentation | Recording
    Lois Meyer1, Xanthe Lawson1, Andrew Lovell-Simons1, Gwyn Jones2, Andrew Hayen1, Joanne Travaglia1, Patrick Rawstorne1 and Anita Heywood1
    1School of Public Health & Community Medicine, 2The Learning Centre
  • Using Wikis to Promote Equitable Student Collaboration in the On-Line Environment
    Abstract | PPT Presentation | Recodring
    Sally Nathan, Siranda Torvaldsen, Christine Linhart and Xanthe Lawson
    School of Public Health and Community Medicine
  • The use of webinairs in a post graduate course on epidemiology and statistics
    Abstract | PPT Presentation | Recording
    Andrew Hayen1, Anita Heywood1, Robin Turner1, Bayzid Rahman1, Martin Parisio2, and Lois Meyer1
    1 School of Public Health and Community Medicine, 2 Learning and Teaching
  • Raising the profile and impact of the Quality of Medical Practice discipline in the med program
    Abstract | PPT Presentation | Recording
    Rachel Thompson1, Barbara-Ann Adelstein2, Kirsten Challinor2, Suzanne Mobbs1, Diane Vukelic1
    1 Office of Medical Education, 2Prince of Wales Clinical School