Annual Learning and Teaching Forum

UNSW Medicine Education Forum 2020

Medicine & Health Education: COVID and beyond

Date / Time: Friday, 4 December,  9am to 12:45pm,

Location: via Zoom

Held once a year this forum aims to bring together the many teachers and educationists within the faculty for a networking occasion, and also provides a chance to air new work, papers in progress and discuss problematic teaching topics.

Presentation by the Dean of the UNSW Medicine Annual Education & Research Awards will be held on Friday 11 December 2020

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The 2020 Eduction Forum Program [pdf] is available.

All faculty and conjoint staff involved in teaching UNSW medicine UG/PG students, plus UNSW students researching medical education are invited to showcase their learning and teaching practice/research by presenting a presentation or poster on their design and innovation projects and educational research.

Abstracts are now closed.


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Medical education Ongoing partnerships: Covid and beyond
Gary Velan

A focus on response to and learnings from COVID: Collaboration, innovation, advocacy
A/Professor Adrienne Torda (Assoc Dean Education, Office of Medical Education), Daniel Rebello, Madhulikaa Sarjapuram, Dr Shaddy Hanna, Dr Janaya Perron

Online discussions with classmates are fruitful: Fostering postgraduate online communities of inquiry through an assessable asynchronous peer-led discussion forum
A/Professor Anita Heywood (SPH) and A/Professor Ben Harris-Roxas (CPHCE)

Clinical mentoring & COVID 
Judy Kell (Office of Medical Education)

Lessons in Partnerships and Learning from COVID-19: The MedSoc Perspective
Reece Pahn (President, UNSW MedSoc)

Innovation in Clinical Learning: Harnessing the challenges and opportunities of the COVID-impacted clinical learning environments
Dr Melanie Fentoullis (Office of Medical Education)

Development & evaluation of an online OSCE for final year exercise physiology students: An alternative to face-to-face assessment during COVID-19
Amanda Burdett (SOMS Exercise Physiology)

Online peer assessment: Challenges, triumphs and lessons learnt during COVID
Dr Jennie Cederholm et al (SOMS Physiology)

Remote delivery of a digitized course: A success story at a time of crisis
Dr Chaturaka Rodrigo et al (SOMS Pathology)

Learning Communities in Remote Delivery
Professor Nalini Pather (SOMS Anatomy)

Indigenous Australian Cultural Competence (IACC) - A Whole of Faculty Approach: Where are we now?
Dr Brett Biles (Office of Medical Education)

Enhancing online learning with live-streamed practicals from the laboratory 
Dr Jessica Macer-Wright (Port Macquarie RCS)

UNSW Medicine Queer Curriculum Review: Recommendations for more comprehensive & sensitive education on LGBTQIA+ Health
Aziz Lawandos (5th Year Medical Student)

Connectedness in a COVID-shaped world
Dr Linda Ferrington (Port Macquarie RCS)