Annual Learning and Teaching Forum

  • Blending Project and the Inspired Learning Initiative - Where to from here?
    Gary Velan
  • Innovative Online Simulated Patient Interaction and Assessment (OSPIA) Platform improves medical student communication skills
    Abstract | Recording |
    Silas Taylor1, Chunfeng Liu2, Renee Lim2, Rafael Calvo2
    Office of Medical Education1, University of Sydney2
  • Seeing the Wood and the Trees
    Abstract | Recording |
    Andrew Blance & Emily Karanges.
    Centre for Big Data Research in Health
  • Student engagement in the personalised Medicine MOOC: Does the learning platform matter?
    Abstract | Recording |
    Sheri Nixdorf1, Orin Chisholm2, Lincoln Gomes3 & Caroline Ford1
    1School of Women’s and Children’s Health; 2School of Medical Sciences; 3Learning and Teaching Unit
  • Promoting community and increasing engagement: a case study of using peer-review in an external course
    Abstract | Recording|
    Katie Harris1,2, Andrew Lovell-Simons1, Christos Venetis1 & Andrew Blance2
    1 School of Women’s and Children’s Health; 2 Centre for Big Data Research in Health
  • Volume and osmolality of body fluid compartments in humans – A Smart Sparrow adaptive tutorial
    Abstract | Recording |
    Karen Gibson & Richard Vickery
    School of Medical Sciences
  • If you build it, they will come… A blended learning model for large group teaching
    Abstract | Presentation | Recording
    Cristan Herbert, Rakesh Kumar & Gary Velan
    School of Medical Sciences
  • Supporting independent learning with eBooks
    Abstract | Recording |
    Mark Hill
    School of Medical Sciences
  • Becoming an evidence-based doctor: Learning troublesome concepts/skills online
    Abstract | Recording |
    Rachel Thompson1, Barbara-Ann Adelstein2 & Suzanne Mobbs1
    1Office of Medical Education, 2Prince of Wales Clinical School
  • A comprehensive ePortfolio learning approach enhances student professional and career development learning
    Abstract | Recording |
    Jia Lin Yang
    Prince of Wales Clinical School
  • Promoting work integrated learning opportunities to postgraduate students
    Abstract | Recording |
    Holly Seale, Lois Meyer, Padmanesan Narasimhan & David Muscatello
    School of Public Health and Community Medicine
  • The Teamwork Mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise (T-MEX): Global impact and future directions
    Abstract | Recording |
    Asela Olupeliyawa1, Chinthaka Balasooriya2, Anthony O’Sullivan3 & Chris Hughes4
    1Colombo University; 2School of Public Health & Community Medicine; 3Office of Medical Education; 4Previously with Office of Medical Education.
  • PlayMed – Bridging the gap between student and doctor with serious game
    Abstract | Recording |
    Michael Coffey & Keith Ooi
    School of Women and Children’s Health

Held once a year this forum aims to bring together the many teachers and educationists within the faculty for a networking occasion, and also to give everyone the chance to air their work, papers in progress and discuss problematic teaching topics.

Next forum

Wednesday 6 December 2017

9am to 2pm, LG02 Wallace Wurth Building Campus map ref C27

Lunch at 1pm following on from presentation of UNSW Medicine annual Learning & Teaching Awards


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