Annual Learning and Teaching Forum

Held once a year this forum aims to bring together the many teachers and educationists within the faculty for a networking occasion, and also to give everyone the chance to air their work, papers in progress and discuss problematic teaching topics.

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9am to 2pm, LG02 Wallace Wurth Building Campus map ref C27

Lunch at 1pm following on from presentation of UNSW Medicine annual Learning & Teaching Awards

To register your attendance at the forum click on the registration link available closer to the date


Call for abstracts for short presentations or posters for 2017 is now closed. However you can plan:

  • Are you involved in making changes in your teaching?
  • Do you have an idea to improve student learning in medicine or medical sciences?

Come and hear the presentations of colleagues work and give feedback on their ideas at the Medicine Learning and Teaching Form 2018



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    Presenters and Abstract

    List of presenters and abstract information is available to print.

    • Teaching how millenials learn: Re-vamping medical ethics
      Abstract | Recording | Presentation Notes
      Adi Torda. Prince of Wales Clinical School.
    • eMentoring to Support and Enable Research Integrated Learning Using Authentic Assessment in a Third-Year Undergraduate Science Course in Pathology
      Abstract | Recording | Presentation Notes
      Blake J. Cochran. Pathology, School of Medical Sciences; 2The Learning Centre.
    • Improving the knowledge and receptiveness of medical students towards hand hygiene: Exploring new learning and teaching approaches
      Abstract | Recording | Presentation Notes
      Rajneesh Kaur, Husna Razee and Holly Seale. School of Public Health & Community Medicine.
    • Improving the ability of UNSW Medical students to provide culturally safe health care to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
      Abstract | Recording | Presentation Notes
      Rob Menzies1, Telphia Joseph1, Ryan Pieters2, Ben Jones2, Russell Thomson2, Peter Harris3, Genevieve Mackay1, John Hall1, Adrienne Withall1, Anthony O’Sullivan4, Raina MacIntyre1, Husna Razee1, Anita Heywood1 and Gary Velan3.
      School of Public Health & Community Medicine; 2UNSW Medical Students; 3Office of Medical Education; 4St. George Clinical School.
    • Mini-simulations for JMOs: Results from a pilot session
      Abstract | Recording | Presentation Notes
      Mominah Bhatti, Lauren Tang, and Annmarie Bosco. Prince of Wales Clinical School.
    • Developing Clinical Skills in Undergraduate Exercise Physiology Students: A ‘Case Study Tutorial’ Teaching Method
      Abstract | Recording | Presentation Notes
      John Booth1, Jessica Bellamy1, Ria Arnold2 and Aidan Cashin3.
      1Dept. of Exercise Physiology, School of Medical Sciences; 2Dept. of Pharmacology, SoMS; 3Neura Australia.
    • Student Peer Assessment: An efficient assessment method to enhance critical evaluation?
      Abstract | Recording not available | Presentation Notes
      Richard M Vickery, Cindy S-Y Lin and Andrew J Moorhouse. Physiology Dept., School of Medical Sciences.
    • Student expert panel model to identify sources of misconceptions during the learning process
      Abstract | Recording | Presentation Notes
      Ingvars Birznieks. Physiology Dept., School of Medical Sciences and NeuRA.
    • Ophthalmology teaching in Australian medical schools
      Abstract | Recording | Presentation Notes
      Helen H. Zhang1, Jenny L. Hepschke2 and Ashish Agar2.
      1UNSW medical student; 2Prince of Wales Hospital.
    • Improving student responses to myExperience surveys in Exercise Physiology: A new approach
      Abstract | Recording | Presentation Notes
      Meg Letton, Jeanette Thom and Rachel Ward.
      Dept. of Exercise Physiology, School of Medical Sciences.
    • Formative peer-review of teaching (FPRT)
      Abstract | Recording | Presentation Notes
      Chinthaka Balasooriya, Reema Harrison, Lois Meyer, Patrick Rawstorne and Husna Razee.
      School of Public Health and Community Medicine.