Admissions and Re-enrolment Committee

Sub-committee of the Faculty Education Committee



  • Academic member from the Office of Medical Education


  • Senior Vice Dean, Education
  • Faculty Executive Director (or nominee)
  • Medicine, Program Authority
  • Associate Dean, Postgraduate Coursework
  • Exercise Physiology, Program Authority
  • Bachelor of International Public Health (BIPH), Program Authority
  • School representatitives of postgraduate coursework programs
  • Faculty representative, Medicine selection process
  • Faculty representative, Rural Student and Indigenous Entry Schemes

In attendance

  • Faculty Business Partner, Student Support Services
  • Faculty Business Partner, External Relations
  • Administrator, undergraduate programs
  • Administrator, post-graduate programs
  • School of Medical Sciences, Manager
  • School of Medical Sciences, Education Support representative

Terms of Reference

  1. Review and make recommendations on criteria and entry pathways for admission to coursework programs.
  2. Review and make recommendations on advanced standing and on requests for credit transfer greater than 12 UoC for coursework programs. The Program Authority can approve requests for 6-12 UoC 
  3. Review and make recommendations on re-admission and external transfer to coursework programs.
  4. Working with our shared services teams incuding Student Support & Services and External Relations; oversee the operation and outcomes of recruitment and admission processes

The committee meets four times a year and otherwise deals with matters as required outside these meetings by circulation.